Dear Dr. Hoos: I can't thank you enough for your incredible generosity in taking care of my mother-in-law. In addition to experiencing culture shock, she's had a number of health issues since she came to live with us in November, which has been somewhat stressful. It was great comfort to have your expertise and support during her onset of tremendous tooth pain.  We are so lucky to have you!

- Elize


The best dental practice anywhere. The doctors are caring and cutting-edge, and the staff is super-nice. No wonder folks travel from all around the country to see Dr. Hoos.

- Valerie Seiling Jacobs


I came to Brush & Floss as a white knuckle patient. Our old family dentist, while a great technical dentist, had a heavy hand. I truly felt battered and bruised after every procedure.  I believed it was that I was overly sensitive. Dr. Hoos had been a personal friend, and I wasn't sure that I should inflict myself upon him.  We discussed my dental issues and he agreed to see me as a dentist. Since then I have had many procedures from cleanings to old fillings replaced, crowns and even an implant. I have been amazed by change in care -- no white knuckles. Everyone at Brush & Floss, office staff, hygienists and dental assistant have been welcoming, professional and personable.

- Judy Sklarz


I have had problem teeth all my life, and have had numerous other dentists scratch their heads when advising me on my most recent issues.  Whenever I asked my previous dentist's opinion about veneers, I was told I couldn't build a new house on a rotting foundation.  Dr. Hoos took my hand and said something like, "Not only will I fix the foundation, but I will build you a palace!"  So now I feel like a princess when I smile. Thanks again

- Wendy Curtis